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Web Design

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Modern web design using technologies like XHTML, CSS, AJAX, PHP und MySQL, the so-called Web 2.0. Interactive web experiences with Adobe Flash, QuickTime und Javascript.

Graphic Design

Grafikdesign Symbol

Logo design, corporate design, branding, broschures, flyer, folder, banner und press kits. I create professional graphical materials for agencies, freelancers and companies.

Presentation Design

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Designing professional presentations with impact by crafting touching stories. Emotional images will support your message and will help you present in a more effective way.

Interaction Design

User Interface Design< Symbol

"Design is not just how it looks and feels like - Design is how it works" (Steve Jobs). Intuitive human interface and interaction design. Creating prototypes and conducting usability studies.

Illustrations & Icons

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Photo-realistic images and icons for applications, websites and other materials. Colorful and detailled drawings, instructional illustrations and abstract symbols.

Product Marketing

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Do you have a new product idea? You want to sell your product and present your vision in the best possible way? Contact me. I will help you sell and market your product.

Event Marketing

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Show, Entertainment and Story Telling. You want to organize big events with big impact? I will help you organize events by finding the right location and choosing the right speakers.

Special Projects

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You have more ideas? You want to realize special projects, a new of a kind? Innovative web applications, events, products or services? Contact me and we will make your ideas real.